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Welcome to Anniby Health


Welcome to Anniby Health LLC. We are the USA sales group for NCPC (North China Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.) nutraceutical raw materials and pharmaceutical finished products.

Since 2006, members of the Anniby team have been meeting, interviewing, visiting and evaluating FDA regulated pharmaceutical and medical products manufacturers all over China. Anniby has chosen to represent NCPC exclusively because of NCPC’s strategic vision and focus on being a global leader in nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products – as well as NCPC’s pervasive commitment to quality, integrity and efficiency in all of their manufacturing practices. Our confidence in and commitment to NCPC and their products is based on extensive communications with senior management in sales, operations, research and development, and quality control and assurance.

Anniby is proud to represent the NCPC family of products in the United States.